About Us

SofaDonDo is a movement started by a group of concerned Nigerians to fight the scourge of sexual predation by lecturers in Nigerian universities. The group is made up of alumni from different Nigerian universities living in different parts of the world. Members were co-opted based on their willingness to fight this societal ill. The association is registered in Nigeria and the United states of America as a non-profit.

Since inception, the group has been working to expose the sex for marks epidemic plaguing the Nigerian educational system and holding the perpetrators accountable.


  • To sensitize the society on the dangers of molestation, intimidation and sexual harassment and stand against same in our institutions of learning and society at large.
  • To advocate against the abuse of power, authority and intimidation of citizens by anyone in authority especially against the innocent, oppressed and indigent members of the society.
  • To bring to the public sphere cases of such intimidating and harassment and help find lasting solutions.