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This survey is to identify where sexual harassment exists in our higher institutions of learning. It is completely anonymous except when you require assistance. The information obtained will be used to create action plans to change the attitude of those within our academic institutions- lecturers and students- as well as support those who are victimised in anyway in the course of their academic pursuit.

Please, help us understand what is going on in our schools so we can take the appropriate measures to reduce sexual harassment.

If you would like to participate further, you can take a more detailed survey here.

We give you our word that we will never use your name, personal address, phone number, e-mail address, or any other specific personal identification information without your written consent. Our aim is to create a safer and better environment and not to put people in additional harm’s way.

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Have you experienced sexual harassment or abuse on campus, its environs, or events?
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What type of sexual harassment have you experienced? Check all that apply.
How often have you experienced this sexual harassment?
What is your gender?
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