Sexual Abuse Education Campaign in Calabar

We took our campaign to SS3 students at the Government Secondary School, Lagos Street, Calabar, Cross River State!
This was very strategic and timely, as these students prepare to begin life in tertiary institutions.

Many thanks to our SofaDonDo Volunteer, Blessed, who in partnership with Brencare Foundation NGO, spoke to the students about capacity building, sexual abuse and sexual health for young persons.

It was a very nice and interactive session. One of the questions asked by a student was this:

"What do you do in a situation where you don't have a father and mother, and have no one else to live with except your uncle; As time goes on you're sexually harassed by someone and  you summon courage to tell your uncle about it, but he threatens to send you packing if he hears such again"

To view pictures from the event, click here