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Sofadondo IS

A registered organisation with a commitment to be the voice of the voiceless, the vulnerable, the oppressed and the downtrodden against all forms of sexual harassment. Our goal is to advocate for justice, fairness and engender a safer society. We are also committed to sensitize the society on the dangers of molestation, intimidation and sexual harassment and stand against same in our institutions of learning and society at large.

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We would also advocate against the abuse of power, authority and intimidation of citizens by anyone in authority especially against the innocent, oppressed and indigent members of the society. Sofadondo would bring to the public sphere cases of such intimidation and harassment, help find lasting solutions and in the process, will strive to hold accountable the perpetrators

Our aim is to ensure this campaign gets to all university campuses, so you can:

SofaDonDo A.C.C.T

SofaDonDo will make you become aware of the menace that is Sex for Mark/Marks for sex in our institution.

Sex For Marks/Marks for sex will truly end if we all act and SofoDondo is leading this change.

SofaDonDo is committed to making sure the narrative becomes Read for Marks.

Trust is SofaDondo currency and a mark of its integrity.


Being a volunteer of SDD has taught me that life is not all about what you get but what you give. It has opened my eyes to know that our purpose of existence is to work for humanity, to be a blessing to others 
Indeed, our sofa don do!

#SOFADONDO  |   #VoiceOfTheVoiceless  |   #IVD2019

Victor, Helen AnyangSofaDonDo Volunteer

Volunteering Mehn! I never thought I could be a volunteer not until I found myself being one.. Being a volunteer has really opened my eyes to lot of things, today I can be a voice to the voiceless. It has helped me to be out spoken.

#SOFADONDO  |   #VoiceOfTheVoiceless  |   #IVD2019

Godsfavour EdemSofaDonDo Volunteer

Volunteering with SoFaDonDo in particular has helped me stand my ground against injustice. I'm happy this fight is a noble one and I'm willing to fight for those young people out there and for myself. Volunteering for SDD has made me to also realize that it is more profitable to give than to receive.  

#SOFADONDO  |   #VoiceOfTheVoiceless  |   #IVD2019

Divine EgaSofaDonDo Volunteer

Volunteering with Sofadondo has afforded me an opportunity to meet several like minded persons that may have been beyond my reach if I remained in my small closet. Volunteering has taught me that it is more profitable to give than to take. 
The more I selflessly give my time to volunteering, the more I gain out of life.
What else can I ask for?

#SOFADONDO  |   #VoiceOfTheVoiceless  |   #IVD2019

Cornelius EllahSofaDonDo Volunteer

Volunteering has helped me conquer some fears.
Having to talk and interact with people has helped boost my self esteem and confidence.
Volunteering is fun. It's doing big things in our own little way.
Happy Volunteers day.

#SOFADONDO  |   #VoiceOfTheVoiceless  |   #IVD2019

Alice OnyohSofaDonDo Volunteer

I wasn't particularly a bold person but I grew overtime, I figured that sometimes it's important to look beyond ourselves and help someone else going through what we are going through.The underlying theme is finding pain in Purpose. SOFADONDO has helped me find my pain in purpose and  become bold and confident socially.  

#SOFADONDO  |  #VoiceOfTheVoiceless 

Mary OgarSofaDonDo Volunteer

SofaDonDo News

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